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13 Jan


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Why should you become a mentee?

January 13, 2018 | By | No Comments

Mentoring is something which young adults as well as established professionals benefit from. Many young people recognise the usefulness of mentoring in terms of gaining practical skills via placements, but there are many lesser-known advantages. Here are five reasons why you should become a mentee:

Receiving wisdom and advice: Although the 21st century provides us with endless knowledge via the internet – the ability to learn from, and get tailored advice from professionals via mentoring, cannot be replicated. The mentor will be able to have discussions with you, showing you perspectives other than your own. This personalised advice will allow you to grow, opening you up to new ideas and paths.

Knowledge and contacts: Your mentor will have detailed knowledge of their industry, as well as a network of personal contacts. Networking is vital for any professional and it takes years to establish these contacts. Mentoring provides you with this personal introduction to important people very early on in your journey.

 Intellectual stimulation and direction: Your mentor will help you clarify career goals and course of direction. From the many lessons they have learned along their journey, they have a realistic understanding of their respective fields. Conversation with your mentor can inspire you further and also help you narrow your focus and maximise your potential.

Professional preparation: Your mentor can give you an insight into the professional world in ways such as, arranging placements or participating in meetings in the work place. Even just being in a professional atmosphere will have many benefits. It will allow you to get an insight into an organisations culture and systems. Allowing you to pick up on the many unwritten rules of the work place.

Personal growth: One of the most important parts of mentoring is reflecting! Your mentor will get to know you and be able to provide you with vital feedback. This will not just increase your confidence, but will lead to personal growth – which will inevitably lead to an improved performance in your future roles.

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