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Abdirahman Ali,Vice President, Treasury Audit & Assurance at the Royal Bank of Scotland

Abdirahman Ali is the Treasury Vice President, within Treasury Audit & Assurance, at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in London. He has been in banking for over fifteen years and worked in the areas of Finance, Treasury, Corporate and Institutional Banking in the UK,  Europe and Asia.


Abdirahman’s Treasury Assurance unit helps the RBS Board identify the strategic financial and treasury risks facing RBS’s global banking operations in over thirty countries, covering assets worth nearly £1 trillion.  He also works with global Central Banks and International Banking Regulators on the management of liquidity and capital risks in the markets across the globe in which RBS businesses operate.


Abdirahman is a Chartered Certified Accountant and also trained as a Chartered Banker at the Chartered Banker Institute in Scotland . He holds Financial Accounting and International Business and Economic Development degrees from Oxford Brookes and the University of London. Abdirahman has an interest in entrepreneurship and is studying for his Executive MBA at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.


Outside of work, Abdirahman has a keen interest in developmental matters and sits on a number of advisory / charity committees and School Boards on children’s education and poverty alleviation programmes both in the UK and in Africa.