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Abshir Farah, Entrepreneur

Abshir Farah is the founder of Payhip ( A platform for self published authors to sell their ebooks directly to their readers. Abshir has been running Payhip for three years profitably. Prior to Payhip, Abshir ran a startup that was funded by a Pan-European London based accelerator which helped raise capital funding from angel investors. He has also worked in various startups allowing him to experience the cycle of turning ideas into viable businesses.

Abshir studied computer science at Kings College London and spent most of his university years and the years that followed as a freelance web developer. He also worked as the Lead Developer at the Royal Opera House.

Abshir is able to advise and mentor anyone who is considering running a tech startup or is in the middle of running one. Whether you need help with product development, customer development, raising money or user acquisition.