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Abdirahim Saeed, Journalist

I’m a journalist at the BBC. The essence of my job is to tell stories from around the world on TV, radio, online and via social media.

My day job at the moment is to produce and present on the BBC Minute show, which is a news show aimed at young people around the world who don’t usually listen to the BBC but will listen to usfor a bite-sized conversation of what’s happening now around the globe.

Before that, I have mainly worked for the BBC Arabic Service where I was a TV producer for a call-in show. That’s also where I got my first job at the BBC: picking up phones for the show for few hours a week whilst I was finishing my Masters at university. Speaking languages (in this case Arabic) really helped!

Working at a big media organisation like the BBC means I get the chance to suggest and work on stories that catch my eye. Some of my recent favourites include a video feature on a rising black filmmakeryoung Somali entrepreneurs in the diaspora , an audio slideshow on a Kuwaiti explorer and another on a charity Ramadan project in London.