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Rashid Ali, Graduate Software Engineer

After graduating from University of Greenwich in the summer of 2016 and receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with Honours, I started a role at Atos as a Graduate Software Engineer. As it currently stands I’ve been with the company for 8 months and my roles have shifted, from being a developer as part of a team completing small scale projects with clients ranging from MoD and MoJ (Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Justice respective), to currently working as a Robot Process Automation (RPA) Engineer. RPA is defined as implementing robots to complete roles and processes that are traditional run by humans as they are quicker, more accurate and less expensive to manage and support. It is an up and coming field within computing which is still quite niche in some companies, with my role, as well as my team’s being to lead and pioneer the practice from the ground up and extending my skills as a developer to also act as a consultant at times. The duties included as an RPA Engineer are challenging but ultimately rewarding and has allowed me to develop further as a developer.

As with most individuals there is more to me than my employment. I enjoy playing football quite frequently and take part in some tournaments when I find the time to. I am currently training to run a 10k run sometime in the fall.